Ombre Candle Collection

The Ombre Collection is soft, fresh and clean with fragrances of fresh floral paired with woodsy, vanilla and fruity hints.

Blue ChamomileEnglish chamomile, sparkling greens, and luminous herbs entwine with scented thyme and sunlit marigold fused with fresh-picked lavender and sugared honey.

Lemon Vanilla - Zesty lemon and a touch of fresh orange fruit combine with rich, creamy vanilla bean and whipped cream.

Rose Oud - Fresh rose blossoms, ruffled iris, heady jasmine, and peony crowned with hints of aromatic black currant and oud wood.

Eucalyptus Leaf Crisp, herbal eucalyptus and blue agave blend with gently crushed lavender, earthy greens, and ethereal chamomile, with a touch of warm silver elm.

Smoked TeakwoodWarm teakwood and sweet tobacco balanced by peony petals and wrapped in white cedar over soft vanilla musk.

Fresh LavenderFreshly crushed lavender buds spun with aromatic lavender leaf.

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